Superdog is the most trusted dog training brand in Sacramento, the only professional dog training school in California or service dog trainer offering Off-Leash Training without shock collars.

What makes Superdog different is that we have trained 1000’s of dogs, not just told other people how to train their dog. We trained 1000’s and 1000’s of dogs in Sacramento. We won’t waste your time or money. We can train your dog just like the 1000’s of others.

Who is THE OLDEST DOG TRAINER in Sacramento?

EVERYBODY CLAIMS TO BE A DOG TRAINER. It is a lot harder to show ANY dogs, much less 100’s or 1000’s of dogs you trained, that listen and behave off-leash.

TELL US WE ARE WRONG. Not one other dog trainer in Sacramento or N. California has a website showing dogs that are off-leash obedient. We don’t see any service dog trainers selling off-leash obedient service dogs either.

Superdog is a “Behavior Trainer” and able to help you control your service dog’s behavior so your dog wants to listen to you off-leash.

Behavior Trainers are usually only thought of to help with pushy, whiny, controlling, jealous, dominant and aggressive dogs that jump on people, sliding glass doors and cars, bark incessantly and need potty training, but you definitely need one if you want your service dog or pet dog to listen off-leash.

We have a large 13-acre facility with walking trails, have been in business full-time since 1998, and trained and sold 1000’s of dogs.

We train dogs and sell trained dogs, not just read a book and charge people for dog training.

Superdog is #1 for Training Pet Dogs, Service Dog Training, where to buy Trained Service Dogs For Sale, and Service Dog Training in Sacramento.

We sell and train Psychiatric Service Dogs, Autism Service Dogs, Aspergers Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, Epilepsy Service Dogs, Therapy Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and have Service Animals for sale in the Greater Sacramento Area.

If you have a pet or service dog in the Greater Sacramento Area or SF Bay Area, Superdog is the only trainer teaching off-leash training without electronic collars.

“Buddy” the four month old Miniature Labradoodle trains for Public Access so he can be a service dog for someone with severe anxiety.

Many people with anxiety would not be able to leave home and provide for themselves if it were not for the dogs we train and sell.

Superdog is an alternative to what the other Sacramento dog trainers are doing.

Even if you only have a family pet, the dogs we train get almost the same training as if you had a disability and needed service dog training.


You get the only Service Dog Trainer in North America offering Off-Leash Training for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals.


Like most pet dog owners Googling “Dog Training Sacramento” or where you live, you are in search of puppy training or specialized training to help solve problems with dog obedience, dog aggression, dog behaviour, dog command recognition, dog ownership training, and training for a dominant dog.

America’s #1 Service Dog School

You and your dog get the most-qualified Sacramento dog trainers and best Sacramento dog training facility at an affordable price point. We can help you if you need Dog Board and Train.

Superdog is a “Behavior Trainer” and able to help you control your dog’s behavior so your service dog wants to listen to you off-leash.


We sell trained PTSD Dogs, Service Dogs for Anxiety, ADHD and Depression. Superdog is #1 in California for Dog Training Sacramento, Psychiatric Service Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dog Training and Puppy Training.

Welcome to Superdog!

“America’s First Behavioral Dog Trainer”

I am David Baron the Dog Trainer. I learned to train dogs from my father. This is my destiny. No one loves dogs more. I care and want to help.

You dont need a German Shepherd! We get the same off-leash results with small dogs and difficult to train breeds.


With over five decades of experience, you can rely on Sacramento dog trainer David Baron and his protege John Vinton the SF Bay Area dog trainer to help with achieving your desired goals with your dog.

If you are looking for dog training in Sacramento or a Crazy Good Program for your dog to provide your dog with the type of service dog training your dog will love you for, reach out to us! Call us if you have any questions or need help assessing your current situation.

Need Help? No Problem.

Our Happiness Engineers are here to make your life easier.

Contact The Trainer and Get Prices Today!

Superdog Dog Training Sacramento, 2234 Maricopa Way, Sacramento CA 95833


  • I am disabled vet looking for a service dog I am 100 percent disabled

    I have some money to get the dog can you help

  • I need contact information I can’t see to find it anywhere

  • Louis R. Boucher

    I just sent a Request and I forgot to put where I live, I live in Barstow, Ca 92311 and my 3 children live with me on my Disability along with our 6 Dogs, 2 Chihuahuas, My Girls 2 Huskies that they bought my Sons Mixed breed Rescue dog and My Cane Corso Mastiff and if you know this breed she is small compared to other Mastiffs, her back at 3 years old is less than knee height, she loves sleeping with me and is always good about waking me up, she is also a Rescue dog because she had an Injured left rear leg and was going to be put in the pound but my girls and I rescued her from that.

    Louis R.

  • Louis R. Boucher

    David Baron:
    I am a 100% Total and Permanent Disabled Veteran with the Paperwork and Hennessy sleeps with me with her head on my Stomach and wakes me when I Stop Breathing wearing my Cpap or my Heart is not right because I have had Moderate Stroke and Heart attack Right after the Stroke at the VA Hospital or when I have a Flashback from too much combat when Military and I would love to get her Registered and Certified as my Service Dog.
    My VA PTSD Counselor is getting my ESA for me through the VA

  • Dave,

    My father, a vet, has been admitted into the hospital for the following:
    Weak heart, COPD, and arthritis in back from previous injury which causes extreme pain keeping him from being mobile. This past week he was admitted again, and had to have a chest tube put in to help remove fluid build up from Pneumonia.

    He has VA and Medicare benefits, and we are currently trying to get doctors, social workers on the same page for after care, and in home care. He will not be able to do many of the daily care things on his own. That being said, he has a 3 year old half Rhodesian Ridgeback, half Lab named Sally. He loves her to pieces. It’s my hopes that you can help me train her to become a service dog. I currently reside in Arkansas and have put my 2 boxers through off leash training. I feel I can train Sally thus far, but for specific assisted training and certification, I would need a professional. I am currently wanting to learn more about training and service dog training to provide services such as yours in my area. I have discovered that it is a very territorial profession, at least here. There is not any formal certification other than CCDT and other such boards. They require 300 hours, and I am finding it difficult to get these hours completed through educational training centers or businesses, or even by volunteering.

    My dad’s situation has provided an opportunity for me to be able to consider California as an option. If this is not something you can help me attain, I understand. My sister is in Ripon, California and will be looking into the VA side of this. But it doesn’t look promising. He has little income to help assit in purchasing a new dog. Plus I would hate for Sally to have to be relocated.

    I will be traveling to Ripon, looks like first week of June. In the meantime, if you can help or direct me to someone that can, I’d be forever grateful.

  • I would like to work with my dog to stop her from demand barking at dog parks and barking at people in public. I have a 2 year old Australian Labradoodle. Please feel free to call me at 314.605.2891.

  • Hello David my name is Sylvia and I own a Lhasa . I have been a dog trainer for 15 years I teach basic obedience positive reinforcement. I have tried and have given everything that Ive known how to do to train my dog. Here is the problem. My dog will submit herself to people and want her belly rubbed and then attacked them. Not all people just son. She is very stubborn not treat orientated not verbal Praise. Very hardheaded but I love her so very much. In all the years that I have trained I have never seen a dog commit themselves to people and then attacked them can you help

  • What trained Anxiety service dogs are available at the moment?

  • Im in the Bay Area near San Carlos. Need help with our puppy. Im fearful of her biting at my children

  • My daughter has a 8month old Scotts American Bull Dog. He is afraid of everything and everybody. Huxley gets along great with other dogs and is a teeny bit more receptive to woman. He isn’t aggressive, in fact quite the opposite. He is intimidating though as he is so afraid. We need help! Is this something that can be improved and can you help us?

  • hello, We just lost our small standard poodle, and my 94-year old husband, who has alszheimer’s disease needs another dog, but is incapable of training one. We need a smaller dog, around 15 pounds, who is a service animal for him to walk and just have as his companion. My husband can walk around the block, but doesn’t realize he shouldn’t cross the street, so I can’t allow him out. I am handicapped and cannot walk more than just around the house.

    Are you able to supply a dog for us?

    Thank you, Naomi

  • I have a 1.5 yr old Rottie. He has been through obedience and some board and train. I took him to UC Davis and He has been diagnosed with Anxiety, Stranger Agression and Hyper Attachment Disorder. I love him but no one can come over and people are afraid of him. I don’t know what to do! Is this something you can help with?

  • I have a welsh terrier and a lakeland terrier. After the one-year old point the welsh became very aggressive with the Lakeland and still does. He has aggression. The Lakeland does not come when called. The Lakeland continues to mark territory.

  • Dave,

    Emailing you to avoid repetitive phone calls. There is a new litter of Vizsla puppies available in El Sobrente (about 56 miles from your location). I just spoke with the breeder, Staci Campos. She sent me pics. She would welcome your phone call for further discussion and/or a visit. Her telephone number us 510-541-0035.


    P.S. I’m interested in the Vizsla or the lab we discussed, but will defer to you in any case. If you aren’t convinced that either would make a fine service dog, we’ll continue to search for a golden or other suitable breed. Thanks again for your assistance. I couldn’t pull this together without you.

  • Grace Rivas-Vargas

    Good morning, I obtained your information through my dog walker. I adopted a dog from SFSPCA, 1 year old; probably a Shepherd or Belgian Malinois MIX. very loving and PROTECTIVE dog. Very aggressive behavior towards strangers (male, female, teens, kids) while on leash. Also very protective of our home space,so having visitors at home is very challenging. Very smart dog. She has been on training at home with a professional dog trainer since we brought her home 3 months ago but the unpredictable behavior hasn’t change. She barks and lounges aggressively to people and even friends of mine who I have introduced to her since we took her in (so no strangers anymore) I am considering her to rehome her… is a hard decision but I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

  • Hi – I have a 2 year old black lab who has very bad separation anxiety, is SUPER needy and whines a lot. Can you help with that? He’s the sweetest dog on the planet and I want to be able to take him to work without him falling apart when I leave the office.

  • Hello, this is my third request to your web site. I have not heard anything back. I want to know if you can give me advise on my self trained Service Dog. She is now 7 months old and has passed her S.T.A.R. Test. She just started her Adult training today. I am handicap and live on Disability only and can not afford a full time trainer. But, I need to make sure that I am on the right track to the Public Service Test. Can you help me or not? Please reply to jms3018@yahoo.com. Thank you. I live in Nicolaus area on a Ranch.

  • It is our pleasure to inform you that Superdog has been selected for the 2018 Best of Sacramento Awards in the category of Dog Trainer. The Best of Sacramento Award was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community.

    For details and more information please view our website:


    Your access code is: DKMU-UBBS-7HYY

    Best Regards,

    Sacramento Business Recognition

  • Hi Im interested in your program do you provide the dogs also or only owner train?

  • Hi David. I have 6 years old Chiweenie currently is an ESA. I found out she can be a regular service animal due to my PTSD. Where can I find a class for that?

  • Hello, ive reached out to alot of “service dog trainers” for a psychiatric service dog (for panic attacks, ptsd, and anxiety) and have been quoted $16k-$43k. I cannot afford these prices for a dog. What is your pricing, do you provide a dog or should i get a dog and then give her/him to you for training? do you offer both options? My main concern is how much this will cost. I struggle on a daily basis with my issues and really need a companion who is trained to help my day to day living.

  • I hope to hear from John soon, left a voice msg yesterday & just texted this morning. I have MS & my Mother-in-law has Susac Syndrome (lives with us), we could benefit from our 10 mo Black Lab/Golden Retriever getting training from stealing, chewing, etc., as well as some ADA training.

  • This is absolutely amazing! I have been looking for a place to train a service dog or get a service dog that has already been trained, I’ve been searching everywhere! I wasn’t even sure I would find one so I haven’t even gotten my dog yet! I have some questions about the type of service dog training that you do, please get back to me whenever you can! I am so excited I need this more than I can express to you, thank you!

    Phone number is (925)822-4127

  • I David I have a Maltese really good dog and I moved in a new home that have rules if I want to be able to take my talk everywhere I go. My only child was killed by two drunk drivers and 85% of her body was burn up. Since this death I have had over six major deaths there after, and I just payed one dog down in much. Me & my dog are attached to each other. Per my Association I need a copy of training cert also Cert from or for the Solano County. Also due to the death of my only child I have muscle pains in my legs and walking my dog keeps me going. June 18, 2018 Superdog

    • Sorry to hear that Mary. Life is very difficult sometimes and God Ddoesn’t tell us why right away. Hang in there!

  • Hi David, I have 2 Rottweiler/Doberman puppies that are 6 months old almost. I am interested in a little over 2 week board and train. I live in Wheatland, CA and need August 3-20. Are you available during this time?

  • I have a Jack Russell/Chihuhua mix Rescue who came from a homeless girl . He Is 4-5 yrs old, neutered male. High energy, high anxiety, aggressive and has bitten at least 3 people since I’ve had him (1 year).
    He is better since I got him he and I need help.I’ve been threatened with eviction and I understand. Several have suggested I put him down or give him back to the rescue. I live in Southern Oregon, can you help? I am willing to drive.

  • Do you know of a good trainer in Napa Calif. I have a nine week old puppy. Very important to teach her not to dart out door. As we don’t have a fenced yard and we have lots of traffic. So I really want to get her trained well. Thank you. Janet Walker

  • Hi my name is Sheila Maxwell and im looking for training for my 1 yr old Anatolian shepherds 5304880088

  • Hi my name is Jackie Hayes,
    I would lime to get some pricing on your puppy training classes. I have a 5 and a 1/2week old Aussydoddle. And am looking for training for him. You can reach me at (510)910-3741.

    Jackie Hayes

  • I highly recommend Dave Baron-Super Dog.
    If you are looking for the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of having with your canine companion…
    Dave Baron is the man who can help you learn what you need to know to achieve that goal!
    I am so appreciative for all Dave taught me and my [canine] companion. It was a life-changing experience.

  • What an awesome website!

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